Frequently asked questions

Which smartphones does the Dme card support?

Our PRO card based on NFC technology is supported by all smartphones that contain an NFC component.
Make it easier:
Apple devices - starting with iPhone 8 (2017).
Android devices - from time immemorial, except for cheap devices that do not contain the component. Rest assured, Samsung Galaxy, LG and also most Xiaomi devices contain the component.
The QR card - supports all existing smartphones on the market today. Activate it by opening the camera and scanning the card.

How many cards do I need?

Only one card. Once you join, we prepare a personal digital page for your business. The page is infinite. You can send it and open it an infinite number of times. Therefore, the card is in your wallet and ready for action at any frontal meeting with a potential customer / colleague / anyone else. After you attach the card, your digital Dme page will open on the customer's smartphone device - and all you have left is to put the card back in your wallet and prepare for the next meeting. ** It is important to emphasize - at the same time as the card, the page can be sent via a link - like any other digital business card, only much better.

I joined, what's now?

how fun! Wait, did you really join or are we talking in the imagination? ;) First of all welcome to Dme. This is the moment when everyone starts to get excited. We too. After joining and making the payment - a characterization app will be sent to you automatically. In the app you must fill in the required details (business phone number, business address, links to social media and more) and upload the relevant files. In a simple and fast procedure, within 15 minutes - we will receive your iPhone app and start working on your digital page. Within 2 business days of filling out the app - your Dme page is ready! Then all that is left is to start distributing the page via a link, and wait for the smart card to arrive in delivery (free) to your home.

How is Dme different from digital business cards?

Important to understand, Dme is no longer a digital business card. Unlike all products on the market - Dme consists of 2 parts: 1. Digital page. 2. Smart card. pay attention! All other digital business cards produce a digital page for you only. Without a smart card. You will encounter a problem very quickly when you stand in front of a potential customer and look for how to send him your business card? :( When you join Dme you also get a digital page that contains features that are nowhere else (!) And also a smart card that you use to distribute the page as it is technologically appropriate in 2021.

Do I need a Dme?

If you own a business, sell a service or products, or shake hands regularly: Digital. Dme is best solution for you.

How do I make changes to my page in the future?

Whenever you want to make a change / update on the personal Dme page - you will easily connect to the personal area on our site, and use the change form. In a short time everything will be updated and you can continue to smile :)